Pamela has written plays, poetry, feature length and short films. Pamela is excited to be involved in a new project that draws from 30+ years from her personal journals. Whether she’s chronicling her High School cheerleading escapades, unabashedly asking John Denver to be her backup singer, or discussing the hardships of being bullied backstage or appearing naked on stage, her distinctly female perspective is revealed.

Born into a working class, Mid-Western family, Ms. Walker writes about her early years in a home where she experiences the typical adolescent persecution from her older brothers, a disconnect from her mother, and the heartache of an adoring yet gravely ill father.  Escaping into her poetry writing and romantic adventures, Pamela displays a unique point of view about moving to New York, young marriage, motherhood and feminism, and into the present — mixed with a successful life in show business.

These stories from Ms. Walker’s distinctive voice in this 1,300 page document of unflinchingly personal narrative are extraordinary and dutifully penned down in a lifetime of journaling. By working to develop Pamela’s private, personal journals into a memoir, a stage play, and a film, audiences will be able to experience her unique and individual journey, exposing the human experience writ large. 



Shakti’s Retreat
(feature, completed)

Trifles, by Susan Glaspell
(short adaption, completed)

Cat Waze Seminar
(feature, in development)

O’Keeffe & Stieglitz
(feature bio-pic)

Catch & Release (feature)


Pugnacious (animated short)

Cultured (animated short)

Puppy Style (animated short)

Riffled (live/animated short)


Catch & Release

Kitty Warrior and the Fugitive King

She Called Me Modge (short)

Smith Family Dinner (short)

Renting in NY
(short, in development)