A Comedy, Comic Thriller

Pamela Gaye Walker’s comedy, comic thriller, SHAKTI’S RETREAT stars a sensational ensemble cast which includes Megan Cavanagh (A League of Their Own, Robin Hood: Men in Tights); Mary-Pat Green (Yes Man, The Break Up); Jim Ortlieb (Magnolia, A Mighty Wind); John Walker (The Incredibles, The Iron Giant and Tomorrowland).

A novice priestess hungry for employment hosts a health retreat for a group of dysfunctional losers.

On the shores of beautiful Lake Tahoe, Shakti hosts a collection of colorful characters for a healthy get-away. A run-away ship captain reconnects with his estranged teen-aged daughters. A troubled couple deals with an indiscretion. A socialite with a secret falls in love. A famous Russian actress, still in mourning for her pet ferret, shares her talent for animal impersonations. And a mangy caretaker doesn’t want anything touched, especially a corkscrew that may stir up the spirits of the recently deceased.

Who could anticipate such a tragedy amongst the fun and games – and what could be more restful? 

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