The Journal Project

GHOST RANCH PRODUCTIONS is excited to be involved in a new project that draws from 40 years of Pamela Gaye Walker’s personal journals.  Whether she’s chronicling her High School cheerleading escapades, unabashedly asking John Denver to be her backup singer, or discussing the hardships of life on stage, her distinctly female perspective is revealed.

Born into a working class, Mid-Western family, Ms. Walker writes about her early years in a home where she experiences the typical adolescent persecution from her older brothers, a disconnect from her mother, and the heartache of an adoring yet gravely ill father.  Escaping into her poetry writing and romantic adventures, Pamela displays a unique point of view about moving to New York, young marriage, motherhood and feminism in the late 70’s, 80’s, and into the present — mixed with a successful life in show business.

GHOST RANCH is proud to be sharing Ms. Walker’s distinctive voice in this 1,000 page document of unflinchingly personal narrative.  Uncomfortable and hilariously familiar, these stories are extraordinary and she dutifully penned them down in a lifetime of journaling. 

By working to develop her private, personal journals into a memoir, a stage play, and a major motion picture, audiences will be able to experience her unique and individual journey, exposing the human experience writ large.

Well into the twentieth century, it continued to be impossible for women to admit into their autobiographical narratives the claim of achievement, the admission of ambition, the recognition that accomplishment was neither luck not the result of the efforts of generosity of others.

– Carolyn Heilbrun, Writing a Women’s Life